We are a race team! We love cycling!


Our team provides the team environment, and teamwork, you need to get faster. We support cyclists who want to develop and grow. Join our team, build your race savvy and grow into a highly competitive bike racer.

We are a race team! We love cycling!

How We Do It

We are privateers and aim to forge our way in the sport, which in the modern world of bike racing is a necessity. Through self-funded efforts, we strive to build a top-level, competitive cycling team. At the center of this team, we focus on teaching our riders the concepts necessary for them to become team-oriented and centric. This, coupled with the efforts of our coaches to provide consistent support and guidance, is what sets us apart from the rest.

What We Do

We are a collective of competitive bike racers, dedicated toward changing perceptions and stereotypes through bike racing.


Our passion for cycling brings us many things. Especially the things that are important and bring fulfillment to one's life. Bicycle racing gives us new experiences with new people. It teaches us to learn and respect others. It allows us to travel, seeing places we've never dreamed of seeing, and meeting new people. It brings us balance in our lives.

We are a race team! We love cycling! We provide successful team environment!